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Wide Range of Application Products

We, Hitachi Construction Machinery, have been developing a wide range of application products to realize our customer’s needs.

Our unique application machines have been providing efficient and safe operation combined with durable and reliable key technologies from our long experience in the global excavator business .

Furthermore individualized specification maximizes our customers profitability and achievement in the highly competitive market.

We Hitachi are your reliable partner.

Short Reach Front

Hitachi Short Reach Front machines has been developed for underground construction and demolition works.

Machines can be fitted for specific working environment with unrivalled power, productivity and safety. Equipped with a bigger bucket, a short arm and lower cabin allows the machine to be highly productive, flexible and manoeuvrable in customer jobsites.

Also factory lifting device equipped for safety machine carrying into the jobsite.

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Telescopic Arm(Rope type)

The ZX330LC-5G with the Hitachi’s new original telescopic arm is designed for productive deep excavation. excavation, extension and pull-up are powerful and speedy thanks to breakthrough performance bucket capacity, digging depth and loading ability over the 30 ton class base machine. This machine brings truly productive, safe and fuel efficient deep excavation.

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Magnet Machine

Over 900 Hitachi magnet machines are at work at metal recycling yards around the world, all staff members at Hitachi are working together for common goal- customer satisfaction, responding to customer needs and providing an optimum total solution.

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Material Handling Machine

Under tough working environments, the Hitachi material handling machine can work dynamically with less jerking, increasing productivity, fuel efficiency, safety and maintainability. The machine is purpose built with extra-wide working ranges using the long reach front, the high lift cab gives a clear view of work places. A wide selection of attachments also give the machine excellent versatility to suit diverse job needs on different job yards, including scrap yards, port handling and log yards.

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Forest Machine

The tough engine sustains high uptime, the body and front are guarded against obstructions front higher durability. Daily maintenance and services are also simplified even more.

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Demolition Machine

Hitachi “ZX K-series” has been develop for tough demolition job application with additional specification for prevent machine damage and safety.

Hitachi delivers productivity and trust to our customers by providing the appropriate machines that suit specific job requirements. Our demolition machines are speedy and efficient and contributes to the rapid urbanizing growth of the Southeast Asia regions.

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High Reach Demolition Machine

The design of every Hitachi excavator has one aim; to empower your vision, the ZAXIS-3 high reach demolition machines retains many of the benefits of the ZAXIS-1 models, but has also been given many new features that enhance its performance, comfort, durability and safety. Our goal is provide customer with high quality and efficient machines that can work reliably in the dynamic demolition industry. We also want operators to feel comfortable and safe while they work, and ultimately to enjoy using Hitachi machinery. And to support you and your investment, we have created the comprehensive Hitachi Support Chain after sales program , available via your local Hitachi dealer.

Super Long Front

  • Super long reach means wide working ranges,
    Smooth front action in combined operations
    abrupt movements of the super long front are suppressed by flow control
  • Strengthened front attachment
    The front structure is reviewed and reinforced by adding reinforcing plates.
  • Matching various applications.
    The super long front is available to match varied applications, including river maintenance, slope finishing and light duty excavation.
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Amphibious Soft Terrain Excavator

The Pontoon-type undercarriage features high buoyancy and stability, and ultra –low ground pressure, the long reach front with the specific-purpose bucket enables productive excavation with extended working range, the well designed cab provides clear view of jobsite.

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Dredging & Reclamation

Renowned for manufacturing reliable and durable machines for the mining industry, Hitachi has used its extensive expertise to produce a range of large excavators suitable for dredging. Mounted on pontoons and stabilised in the water by means of spuds, they can be used on rivers and canals, and in harbours and ports for construction. Maintenance reclamation and expansion project.

Designed and built in Japan, these excavators share the same characteristics as standard models: high levels of productivity durability and easy maintenance and advanced technological features. Corrosion resistance for offshore operations they are designed to work in extreme conditions 24 hours a day.

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