Hitachi Construction Machinery


Management Message

Over 70 Years Continual Dedication to Our Customers

The development of construction machineries within the Hitachi group has nearly 70 years history since Hitachi Ltd released the first cable-operated power shovel, U05, in 1949 (which was) made entirely from Japanese technology.

Since then, many different construction equipment produced by multiple manufacturers has been delivered to the customers in the world. However, as the demand of customers and market on the machineries is changing year by year – more reliable, durable, environment friendly, economical, easier maintenance, less problematic machines, quicker response for servicing, and a more extensive support network are expected from the market.

Since Hitachi Construction Machinery is one of the Hitachi Group of Companies, we are in a position to share the knowledge, technologies and information among the group of companies to create innovative solutions to the industries and customers. This, we believe is one of our strengths.

HMAP is consistently striving to enhance its customer expectation and satisfaction by continuously creating and adding value to our business operations through our dealers’ network in the Asia Pacific Region.


Managing Director

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