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Management Message

The Connected Value Chain: Create New Value for Customers

My name is Hidehiko Matsui, and I assumed the role of Managing Director of Hitachi Construction Machinery Asia & Pacific Pte. Ltd. (HMAP) with effect from 1st April, 2018.

Grow Together and Connect Together
With Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming part of our life, it is important for us to leverage and create new opportunities for the upcoming disruptions from AI and IoT. But what is more important than connecting things together is the connection between our customers, our products, new services, solutions and our stakeholders, including employees, business partners, and local communities. This also includes our connection with the public via Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes that we want to take responsibility for in our own environment and society. Our 2020 vision is to become “A Close and Reliable Partner Anywhere on Earth with The Best Solutions through Kenkijin Spirit”.

Our Policy and Attitude
Every action of each employee (Kenkijin) is the driving force behind all reliable solutions. Each employee is imbued with the teaching of Kenkijin Spirit that codifies our shared values and conduct. The Kenkijin Spirit consists of three ideas; Challenge (spirit of a challenge), Customer (individual customer orientation), and Communication (open atmosphere). We always have an open mindset when communicating with customers, listening and understanding what customers really need. We should not be afraid to challenge ourselves to perform better each time and be ready to tackle any changes that occur in the industry.

Approach to Value Creation
Through almost 50 years of delivering reliable solutions, Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (HCM) has established trust with many customers as their reliable partner that will help them grow together. In Hitachi, we are committed to exceeding customers’ expectations. We continually deliver solutions to create new value for customers through the products and services that are customized to solve the challenges that the individual customer faces. A unique feature of our business is the long-life cycle. Our value chain was catered for each stage of a product’s life starting from research and development (R&D) and production, ultimately spans to the handling of customers’ used machines when they purchase replacements.

HMAP’s goal is to create long-lasting customer-partner relationships that satisfy customers’ ever-changing needs. In turn, this would develop long-term winning strategies and exponential growth for both parties.

I hope you will continue working with me to create new value for our existing customers, as well as new customers.


Managing Director
Matsui, Hidehiko

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