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Management Message

My name is Fumio Nakajima, Managing Director of Hitachi Construction Machinery Asia Pacific Pte Co., Ltd. (HMAP) started on April 1st, 2021.

“Solving social issues and sustainable growth”

Currently, our business activities are required to have a high philosophy and correct execution ability.

We can enrich people’s lives through our products, but in the process, consideration for the natural environment, resources, and safety for workers is essential.

We recognize that in order to carry out these activities and achieve sustainable growth, we need to change our mindset, innovate, and have an organizational culture.

It has been over 70 years since we succeeded in developing a hydraulic excavator for the first time in Japan using purely domestic technology.

During this time, we have always responded to the problems and requests of our customers and have contributed to the realization of affluent lives for people together with our customers.

Here in Southeast Asia, we have been contributing to the development of society together with our customers for more than 30 years.

We have these long, valuable and abundant experiences.

Through this experience, I believe that we will be able to work with our customers to solve social issues and continue our business.

“Maximizing the value chain and customer value”

We believe that solving social issues and sustainable business continuity can be achieved by maximizing the value of our customers through our products and services.

This means creating and connecting value in every process throughout the product life cycle. (Value chain)

Specifically, we aim to minimize the total life cycle cost of using our products and maximize the value that our customers create.

In other words, create value for society efficiently with safe and minimal cost, resources and energy.

We have built a technological innovation, product development, sales service system, and global production system to meet the needs of our customers for 70 years.

For example, we develop and produce key components ourselves to ensure operability and reliability that are directly linked to customer productivity.

In Indonesia, we have also started a key component remanufacturing business.

In addition, we have realized for the first time in the world a global e-service that globally grasps the operating status of machines and guarantees customer productivity through appropriate management.

We have developed an oil sensor, which is a more advanced technology, and are currently starting the service as ConSite Oil.

By linking these efforts, we aim to provide maximum value at the lowest cost according to the needs of our customers, such as new machines, used machines, and rental machines.

On the other hand, the world is currently shifting to electrification and automation at a rapid pace toward a carbon-free society.

We have a long experience in electrification, and we are already working on autonomous driving on large dump trucks for automation.

In particular, we will strongly promote the zero greenhouse gas emissions of the mining business through a partnership with ABB.

“Grow together with the Kenkijin spirit”

Our consistently cherished philosophy is the three Cs of “Challenge,” “Customer,” and “Communication.”

We always listen to the voices of our customers, create ideas through internal and external communication, and always solve them with the challenge and teamwork of everyone.

Based on this philosophy, we have grown with our customers by providing excellent products and service systems.

And our change of mind has extended this philosophy not only to bring the product to market, but also to maximize the profits that our customers earn and minimize the burden on the environment over the life of the product.

Furthermore, we will further deepen this value chain by combining it with digital solutions. (Value chain + digital solution)

In this way, we are determined and prepared to use all our abilities and work with our customers to create the future for the long term.

And we will provide solutions to customers in each region through a network of local companies and distributors.

I look forward to creating and growing the future with all our customers in order to provide value to all our stakeholders.

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